For non-phase-in substances or substances that have not been pre-registered within the applicable deadline and for which a late pre-registration does not apply, potential registrants must first inquire the substance identity of ECHA to verify if a registration has already been submitted for the same substance.

The most crucial point in the creation of an inquiry dossier is the information for the precise identification of the substance. In contrast to the registration dossier, of which only 5% are checked by ECHA in the first instance, the content of any inquiry dossier is generally thoroughly examined by experts from ECHA and frequently leads to requests for further information. Statistically, ECHA determines deficiencies in more than half of all inquiry dossiers.

Based on our experience, we can help you to prepare an adequate inquiry dossier, especially for substances with variable composition (UVBC) but also for well-defined substances.

Our services at one glance:

  • Advice on naming of substances under REACH
  • Advice on the adequate provision of information on substance identity in IUCLID 6
  • Preparation and submission of an inquiry dossier via REACH-IT