Natural Complex Substances

As the 2018 REACH registration deadline is coming closer, also Natural Complex Substances (NCS), mainly falling in the 1-10 or 10-100 tonnage band, are spotlighted.

The most common NCS are:

  • Essential oils
  • Concretes and absolutes
  • Oleoresins and Resinoids
  • CO2 extracts
  • Infusions and alcoholic extracts

Being botanical products, there are natural variations in the chemical compositions of NCS obtained from one unique genus and species. This is a consequence of:

  • the region of growth
  • the annual variations in climte within the region
  • the part of the plant as source material

The methodologies for processing will also affect variations in chemical composition: drying, cutting, expression, extraction, distillation, fractionation, concentration, precipitation, etc.

Start preparations for REACH 2018 now!

If you have not pre-registered your substance yet, late pre-registration may still be an option until 31 May 2017.

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