Project and financial management

Organization – coordination – communication – contracts – Escrow services/accounts

In addition to numerous technical tasks, the registration process and its preparation also require a lot of organizational activities, such as project and financial management. They are needed for example for multidisciplinary issues related to the coordination of experts in a network, for cooperation between companies and external service providers, for a good cooperation of various departments within a company and especially for cooperative projects between different companies.

In recent times, especially REACH has shown how complex and relevant coordination and communication activities are, particularly in the context of co-operation between companies. These experiences can be very helpful with regard to the upcoming REACH deadline in 2018 and can also be applied to other regulatory projects like approval procedures for biocides or veterinary medicines.

As for all disciplines that contribute to the success of a registration, the use of experts with appropriate expertise for project and financial management is of fundamental importance and holds sizable benefits:

The specialists of the technical areas of expertise are free to devote themselves to their subjects, contracting companies relieve their staff in product safety and do not need to provide internal resources for rather irregular organizational tasks.

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