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Compliance check and Supply Chain Communication

Chemical safety is not only of central importance under REACH, but must also be ensured for many other areas that do not fall under the REACH Regulation. Here, the type of the application is essential, because different types of products (cosmetics, medicinal products, food or feeding stuffs ) need to  fulfill many criteria that are different from REACH and are thus regulated by separate legislation.

Substances with a great variety of uses, which are thus not only regulated under REACH, but which also need to be considered under different legislation, require a good overview of applicable law for complete compliance. Communication with your customers requesting information on compliance for specific application often is very time consuming, especially if they refer to applications outside of Europe.

And here again, we can assist you in answering customer requests and help you to develop strategies for adequate response to the rapidly increasing number of customer requests in everyday business.

Our services at a glance:

  • Strategic advice for dealing with customer’s compliance requests
  • Application-specific compliance on your products
  • Preparation of replies
  • Services for setting up your own product compliance database

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