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Our Services
Our Experience
Consortium management
Support of consortia for >20 of the most significant European chemical companies for 2010 registrations
Project communication
Multilingual communication at national and international level (Europe, North America, Asia)
  • Coordination of experts for registration projects
  • Monitoring of contract laboratories for experimental studies
  • Organization of many international conferences, workshops and project meetings
SIEF communication
Status requests and technical information for several thousand SIEF-participants
SIEF management
SFF and TPR for Lead registrants in about 20 different SIEFs for 2010 deadline
Information management
  • Data collection and management
  • Installation and management of information exchange platforms
  • Short- and long-term archiving
Trustee services
  • Collection, evaluation and archiving of secret and confidential data
  • Protection against disclosure to competitors
Assistance in conclusion of cooperation agreements
  • Consortium Agreements
  • Data Sharing Agreements
  • SIEF Agreements for Joint Submission for several dozen companies
Financial management
For about 20 REACH registrations in 2010:

  • Budget compilation and controlling
  • Preparation of plans and cost sharing
  • Accounting and invoicing in the consortium
  • Calculation of cost breakdown for all SIEF-members

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